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Take a wellness break or gift this kit for someone you love! Purchase and download the zip file immediately!


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Included in this kit:


1. 4 Tibetan singing bowl audio meditations (guided and unguided) by Sati Chmelar

2. A beautiful 7-page, full-color PDF booklet. Included in the PDF booklet:


  • A brief introduction to the history of singing bowls
  • Summary of selected scientific research on the therapeutic benefits of sound and music therapy.
  • List of resources to further support your study and engagement with sound healing.
  • Contact page and audio file listing


Audio File List:

  • 3 minute guided session (standing, seated, or reclining)
  • 6 minute guided awakened rest session (reclining)
  • 6 minute unguided session
  • 10 minute unguided session


All audio files are in mp3. format. Download and click to listen!

Sound Healing Sessions Wellness Kit