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Metaphysical Roadmaps version 2.0 is here!

Updated: May 28, 2020

I'm super excited to announce the new web page sharing all the additions for Metaphysical Roadmaps version 2.0 is live! I have labored profoundly over this latest update. The first batch of students are graduating and this initial run of the program has given me an opportunity to refine the delivery and smooth out the rough edges. It has also given me time to design creative ways to increase student support.

The biggest curriculum change includes giving another month to the study of orthodox Indian philosophy to space out the content more evenly. The study kit will include a few more study tools and syllabus refinements.

The student support end has seen four major additions. While we already have the "program pause" available to students and one-on-one video calls, we've added a few more awesome options.

These include:

  • The option to book unlimited extra video calls (in addition to those already pre-paid in a study pathway package) for a very discounted rate is now available. Now students can book 20, 40, or 75 minute calls.

  • Students can now open an account via a membership portal on the desktop website and NEW mobile app. In both these locations they can book, reschedule, or cancel study calls with greater ease. They can also track purchases and keep updated on appointments. These extras are in addition to the password protected program portal where students download learning materials.

  • To give even more breathing room to students, we've added a 7-day grace period from the day of registration to allow time for ordering books and study supplies. This is in addition to the 4-week program pause option, which our students love. Both these time extensions support the busy adult lives of our students.

  • A new design to the web page that clearly and beautifully articulates all the program elements is now live and we hope it supports a greater understanding of this truly unique program.

Enrollment opens later this month for this refreshed program!

If you have questions, email:

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