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New Program: Sacred Diversities

Dear Friends:

Enrollment is now open for the 12-week Sacred Diversities program. I'm super excited to tell you a little more about it! This course is designed for those who seek a richer appreciation for the philosophical ecosystem that yoga, meditation, and other Indian spiritual practices were cultivated within.

This course is a shorter, slimmer study compared to Metaphysical Roadmaps (MR) program; however, it covers some of the same material. I slightly reworked the three modules covering orthodox Indian philosophy from the MR program and made it lighter on its feet. The result is the Sacred Diversities program.

We will dig into the rich, luminous beauty of Yoga, Sankya, Mimamsa, Vaisheshika, Vedanta, and Nyaya philosophical and spiritual systems. Don't worry if you have never heard of these names before! This course is for beginners!

We ask the big questions through the lens of each tradition: What is the meaning of life? What is a soul? What is God? What is real? What is the cause of suffering? What is an effective spiritual practice? What is true freedom? This journey is crafted for students who want to focus on the broad strokes of each system. Self-reflective exercises are included so you can deepen your own spiritual life and self-understanding. It is an excellent course for busy adult students who are intellectually curious and comfortable with university level reading.

Included in this program are three 75-minute one-on-one video calls (and unlimited extra calls for a special discount), a 50+ page study kit, a curated series of videos, articles, and podcast interviews, a 4-week program pause, private student account, and a number of other features. Be sure to review the program webpage and download the course outline for more specifics.

Consider this study program as an extension of your contemplative training and spiritual life. We welcome you to engage this study in the same way you would recite a prayer or move into a yoga posture: with a commitment to your wellbeing and a heart of gratitude.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email:

In Love and Learning


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