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Metaphysical Roadmaps is Here!

Updated: May 28, 2020

I am excited to finally announce that my first bespoke education program is in the shop and ready to be downloaded! After much love and hard work, I have curated a multi-media educational experience for you that includes a beautiful 80 + page study kit for a 3 or 6-month journey. This program also includes video calls with me to nurture your educational journey. This program is ideal for those of you who are deeply interested in the "big" spiritual questions regarding human existence and how these traditions sought to engage in that sacred quest. This study leaves room for personalization and includes reflective writing prompts so you can digest the material more fully.

Below are the program aims:

(1) Obtain a general introduction of several primary religious and philosophical movements birthed and nurtured within the Indian subcontinent.

(2) Learn about various theories of engagement within the field of religious studies.

(3) Become acquainted with the foundational tenets, philosophical heritage, and the metaphysical views held within Buddhism and various schools of "Hinduism" (including Yoga).

(4) Engage more specifically with these questions:

  • How is the problem of human suffering articulated and what is the remedy?

  • What is the relationship between empirical reality and metaphysical realms?

  • How are notions of the soul and/or true self defined?

  • How are various conceptions of God or reasoning for atheistic or agnostic positions presented?

  • What is the purpose of spiritual life within each tradition, and how are the primary practices elucidated?

In addition to the study kit, this program will require that you purchase books. However, the articles, audio, and video resources are free. More information can be found on the program page page. If you want to contact me with any other questions, please drop me a note!

Happy Autumn!

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