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Metaphysical Roadmaps 
From Buddhism to Yoga and Beyond 
Bespoke Education + online support 

A philosophical adventure into India's spiritual traditions

Asking the Big Questions 

Are you fascinated by the big questions regarding the mystery of existence? Do you love to reflect on the role of spiritual practice? Are you interested in Asian religions and philosophies? Do you want to shake the dust-off old assumptions and broaden your perspective? Then this course is for you! Take a birds-eye-view of the primary religious movements birthed and nurtured within the Indian subcontinent. Become acquainted with the foundational tenets, philosophical heritage, and the metaphysical views held within Buddhism, various schools of "Hinduism" (including Yoga), Jainism, and Sikhism.  This study plan is great for all levels, a good place to begin researching these topics or expanding on your established knowledge base.

Choose a 3 or 6 month study pathway

Monthly Program Layout

Module One: Introduction to Religious Studies and Interfaith Engagement

What is religion vs. spirituality? How are they defined?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of analyzing spiritual traditions through various “insider” and “outsider” vantage points? What is religious pluralism? These questions and more will start to be addressed in this module.

Module Two: Indian Philosophy and Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions - Part One

This section will focus on a general introduction to Hinduism and then dig deeply into Indian philosophy. In this section we cover Mimamsa and various Vedantic formulations (Advaita Vedanta, Dvaita, and Vishishtadvaita). 

Module Three: Indian Philosophy and Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions - Part Two 

In this module, we will continue to focus on several other schools of Indian philosophy, including Yoga, Samkhya, Nyaya, and Vaisheshika. 

Module Four: Buddhism - Part One

Here we begin our general overview of Buddhism. We learn about the life of the historical Buddha, the philosophical basis of the tradition, and Buddhism's prescription for humanity.  

Module Five: Buddhism - Part Two

This session moves deeper into the three primary schools of Buddhism—Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana—their major characteristics and differences.

Module Six: Jainism & Sikhism

In this final module you will cover the basics of Jainism and Sikhism and briefly look the major philosophical underpinnings of each tradition.

One module = 1 month of study

"Nurture self-knowledge and strengthen empathy while fostering a greater understanding of India’s diverse spiritual landscape."



The special welcome to the program and its objectives 



The ingredients that create this unique educational experience

course includes

study kit

Beautiful full color PDF study kit 

video calls

One-on-one video calls for study support

book love

Curated university level reading list


Writing prompts that feed the heart and the mind

four pathways

Choose between four study pathways to fit your  needs, learning style & budget


 Wellness tips, reflective exercises, and a 4-week program pause


Troubleshooting email support and community discussion board


Supplement your reading with recommended podcasts and videos

Your Study Kit

What's inside?

Your study journey includes a beautifully designed study kit that holds the entire course layout and supporting materials to make your learning journey an organized, thoughtful, and inspiring experience.


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Our one-on-one video calls offer you additional support. We'll explore how your studies are unfolding,  generate new ideas together, review your answers to various study questions, and have a well-being check-in.


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Video Calls

What do we discuss?

Four study pathways
Choose your program here!

"I'm all in!"


  • Six 75 minute study support video calls

  • Video call check-ins every module

  • 70+ page full-color study kit  

  • Troubleshooting email support

  • Optional 4-week program pause

  • Seven months to complete the program

  • Biggest savings per month!

“A few touchstones of support will keep me on track”


  • Four 75 minute study support video calls

  • Video call check-ins after modules 1, 2, 4, 6

  • 70+ page full-color study kit  

  • Troubleshooting email support

  • Optional 4-week program pause

  • Seven months to complete the program

"A three month study journey feels good to me right now"


  • Choose to do modules 1-3 

  • Three 75 minute study support video calls

  • Video check-ins after modules 1-3 

  • Partial, 3 module full-color study kit  

  • Troubleshooting email support

  • Great option if you only want to do half of the program 

“I’m a solo adventurer who appreciates critical check-ins”


  • Choose to do modules  4-6

  • Three 75 minute study support video calls

  • Video check-ins after modules 4-6

  • Partial, 3 module full-color study kit  

  • Troubleshooting email support

  • Great option if you only want to do half of the program 

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  • Would you enjoy a blend of reading, writing, podcasts, videos, and experiential homework as part of your learning experience?

  • Do you want to pursue reflective writing exercises to give your education a more personal resonance?

  • Do you want a study mentor & coach to support your journey and engage you in focused study-specific conversations?

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