Metaphysical Roadmaps 
From Buddhism to Yoga and Beyond 
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Take a philosophical adventure into Hindu and Buddhist  philosophies and traditions

This introductory course provides a birds-eye-view of several religious and philosophical movements birthed within the Indian subcontinent. Become acquainted with the foundational principles of Buddhism and study the six orthodox schools of Hinduism (including Yoga). Learn more about the spiritual and cultural heritage of these dynamic, complex traditions. This journey studies the foundational pieces of each tradition with a focus on metaphysical underpinnings. The program also includes self-reflective exercises so you can deepen your own spiritual life and self-understanding. You can personalize your learning in a way that means the most for you.


Metaphysical Roadmaps is suitable for beginners and students with some pre-existing knowledge. If you are a yoga practitioner, or have completed a yoga teacher training program and want to take your studies further, this is a great option! To learn more, you can download the program objectives here and the program delivery components here.

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Monthly Program Layout

Module One - Setting the Stage for Inquiry

The Beauty of Religious Pluralism

What is religion vs. spirituality? How are they defined?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of analyzing spiritual traditions through various “insider” and “outsider” vantage points? What is religious pluralism? These questions and more will start to be addressed in this module.

Module Two - Indian Philosophy & Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions

Part I: Ancient Roots and Vedanta

This section will focus on a general introduction to Hinduism and then quickly move into a focus on philosophy. We cover Pūrva-Mīmāṃsā, Brahmanism, and Vedānta (Uttara-Mīmāṃsā). Some reading on cultural trends within Hinduism is covered.

Module Three - Indian Philosophy & Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions

Part II: Diving Deeper into Vedanta 

In this module, we will unpack the differences between the various schools within Vedānta: Advaita Vedānta, Dvaita, and Viśiṣṭādvaita. Some reading and media on cultural trends within Hinduism is covered.

Module Four - Indian Philosophy & Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions

Part III: Exploring Patañjali’s Yoga, Sankhya, and Vaisheshika

In this module, we will explore the foundational views of Yoga, Sāṃkhya, and Nyāya-Vaiśeṣıka. Some reading and media on cultural trends within Hinduism is covered.

Module Five - Buddhism

Part I: Introduction to the Origin and Foundations 

Here we begin our general overview of Buddhism. We learn about the life of the historical Buddha, the fundamental building blocks of the tradition, and Buddhism's prescription for humanity.  

Module Six - Buddhism

Part II: Investigating Primary Schools and Textual Traditions

This session reviews a diversity of textual and practice traditions. We learn more about the Sūtrānta and Abhidharma textual lineages. We also explore the primary characteristics of the Theravāda, Mahāyāna, and Vajrayāna traditions

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"The Metaphysical Roadmaps course is a beautifully curated program . . . the program is accessible, presented in a modern format, and intellectually stimulating. I have felt very well looked after and seen “through the screen” by Sati herself. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge in philosophy."

Sara, Norway


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No exams or papers are required for this course. If you don't finish the monthly questions, don't worry! We cover the material together in our video check-in. 

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Frequently asked questions

What are the minimum hours a week I need to study to complete the program?

It is better to think in terms of months and then adjust your schedule accordingly. I recommend having a minimum of 10 hours a month (2.5 hours per week) to feel confident in the basic "study core" elements each month. However, the non-priority reading and additional media options are generous enough so that you can easily study much more. These programs are meant to be extremely flexible and customizable to your needs.

How many books will I have to purchase for this course?

This course has 4 required books and one optional book. The rest of the reading is done via articles you will be able to download for free via a password protected portal in your student portal.

I want to take this course with a friend. Can we merge our video calls?

Yes! You and your study buddy can enhance your educational journey by merging any or all of your montly video calls into a single group discussion with me.

Do I have to print the entire study kit?

No. You are free to keep the study kit as a digital file, print just a few pages, or print the entire kit. Some students like to place it in a binder or even bind it into a book! This is entirely at your discretion.

Are there registration deadlines for this program? Is admission rolling?

Admission to this program is rolling until a maximum number of students is reached. When this occurs, you can place your name on the waiting list.

What kind of writing assignments are there?

Every module has two sets of writing prompts: "study core" review questions and end of module "study reflections." The study core review questions help anchor your study around a few essential areas of focus. This helps prioritize your research and makes sure you imbibe the essential points. The study reflection questions nurture self-reflective moments to help you examine your own experience in relation to the materials. These are more personal, values-focused questions. Both sets of writing prompts offer you a balance between learning objective "facts" and tending to your subjective "experience" in relation to your education. We discuss your answers to these questions during our video check-ins.

I have young kids and also work full-time, can I do this course?

Yes! Many of our students are busy working parents! Welcome!

Who is an ideal student for this course?

Adult students who thrive in this course are passionate about learning and can organize their time well. Students who love this program want the freedom to structure their study experience around a busy lifestyle without sacrificing one-on-one attention and accountability from a mentor.

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