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"The content being communicated is just as important as how it is being communicated. When powerful ideas and guidance are transmitted in a way that lacks interpersonal reverence and intimacy, there is a strong chance that the teachings will not be heard, felt, or embodied in the student. Because of this, I place significant attention on the craft of communication, utilizing presence, humor, storytelling, discussion, and creativity to make each class together meaningful. I view the practice of teaching as a collaborative and sacred learning process for myself and my students."

Philosophy and History 




Yoga and Buddhist Philosophes / Yoga History


I share aspects of various Eastern wisdom traditions by creating an intimate, engaging, heartfelt, educational setting. For philosophy sessions, I often use a series of learning exercises called "applied wisdom practice" in each lecture. In addition to listening to lectures and reading, students are invited to learn by "doing," calling upon their kinesthetic, creative, relational, and intellectual powers of engagement. I often use non-traditional teaching tools such as props, drawing, and performance to make seemingly complex ideas simple and accessible. I ask students to deeply examine the ideas presented through the lens of their own experience, often giving assignments to assist in this process.  




Yoga Āsana 




 Vinyāsa Yoga 


I favor a gradual, refined approach to āsana teaching, be it dynamic and strong or a slower and more gentle sequencing. I encourage students to focus on the breath and become aware of how their emotional and psychological life is felt or experienced in the body. My vocabulary is influenced by Aṣṭāṅga Vinyāsa yoga method and other vinyāsa-based vocabularies that are meditative and adaptable.








Śamatha (shamatha) Meditation


My meditation instruction is highly influenced by the Mahayāna and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. At specific events I instruct in a very basic form of "calm abiding" meditation also known as shamatha meditation. These sessions are aimed to calm mental activity to better establish one-pointed focus, self-awareness, and further the development of equanimity.





Online Education &  Contemplative Coaching    





Online Education + Coaching 


Embracing technology wisely means finding a way to use it to enhance and support our embodied disciplines. Technology not only can serve as an education tool that is perhaps, more flexible and cost-efficient, but it also creates a new dynamic in how we share and receive information in a study community. Online offerings include virtual sangha development, bespoke yoga studies, private contemplative coaching, and e-courses (coming soon).  



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