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6-Month Bespoke Education  

+ Online Support  

A balance between structure, freedom, and support 

Choose a 6-month study journey into a myriad of yoga, religious, and contemplative studies that expands the mind and heart. Engage with high-quality sources curated by Sati with original lesson plans and assignments. Participate in monthly one-on-one Skype sessions to nurture your personal and theoretical investigations. Have the freedom to tweak your study adventure as your studies bring forth new questions and insights. 

Pick one of the study journeys below

 Metaphysical Roadmaps: From Buddhism to Yoga and Beyond

Take a birds-eye-view of the primary religious movements birthed and nurtured within the Indian subcontinent. Become acquainted with the foundational tenets, philosophical heritage, and the metaphysical views held within Buddhism, various schools of "Hinduism" (including Yoga), Jainism, and Sikhism. Study focus areas will include: (1) the nature of the physical realm in relation to metaphysical realms, (2) the question of the soul/self/consciousness, (3) views of God/No God (4) the purpose of human life, (5) the purpose of spiritual practice, and (6) the fundamental "problem" each system seeks to solve. This is a generalist study plan and a good place to begin researching these topics or expanding your knowledge base. Study resources will include a blend of academic research and practitioner voices. 


The 6-month Program Layout: 

  • Module One: Introduction to Religious Studies and Interfaith Engagement

  • Module Two: Indian Philosophy and Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions - Part One

  • Module Three: Indian Philosophy and Orthodox "Hindu" Traditions - Part Two 

  • Module Four: Buddhism - Part One

  • Module Five: Buddhism - Part Two

  • Module Six: Jainism & Sikhism


Postural Yoga History:

from mudras to the mainstream 


Dive into some of the latest, most exciting research into the history of yoga with a focus on the development of "postural yoga."  From it's earliest esoteric beginnings within India, to its ongoing metamorphosis with transcontinental influences, and finally as phenomena exported to Europe and the USA. This study will focus up to the 1960s with special attention paid to late 19th century and early 20th developments.  Topics covered include:

  • Pre-postural yoga: early precedents 

  • Medieval developments

  • Early 19th-century Indian postural developers 

  • The problem with claims of "authentic" yoga

  • Exporters and exponents in the USA late 1800s to 1960s


quiet rebel: The Trials and the Ecstasies oF THE CONTEMPLATIVE 


This course will dive into the poetry, memoirs, journals, and biographical accounts of a diverse range of contemplatives. While holding roles such as monastics, poets, teachers, preachers, activists, and scholars, we will discover the trials and ecstasies they've encountered as contemplatives. We will also consider the role that serious spiritual commitment plays in our current globalized and digitized world. This interfaith study explores the work and lives of:

  • Thomas Merton (Catholic monk & activist)

  • Meister Eckhart (Christian theologian and mystic)

  • Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche + other Buddhist monastics 

  • Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson (Transcendentalist writers)

  • Anandamayi Ma (Hindu saint) + other Hindu poets

  • Rumi, Rabia Basri, and Mian Mohammad Baksh (Sufi poets)


Each Study Journey Includes:

"For the nerds, seekers, thinkers, dreamers, and rebels." 

start your journey...



*Full on-refundable payment is due is at registration.

with A Few Easy Steps...

  • Click the "Book" botton below or "Shop" on the menu

  • Choose the bepsoke study journey program you wish to take


  • Complete registration


  • Download your PDF lesson plan and study kit

  • Go to "Appointment" page and book your 20 min welcome consult via Skype

  • Order your texts and download your resources

  • Dive into your studies and schedule in your monthly Skype sessions along the way!

Is this for me?

Do you need structure but with the freedom

to make your education your own? 

  • Overwhelmed by the plethora of information on the spiritual marketplace related to yoga and other contemplative studies?


  • Would you love someone to parse through it all and curate a university quality study plan for you? 

  • Would you like to study readings, writings, and interviews focusing on the historical and philosophical dimensions of contemplative studies?

  • Are you tired of staring at screens and would love to spend more study time reading real physical books and writing your reflections?

  • Are you busy and need a lot of flexibility to plan your study time and check-in sessions?

  • Do you want the freedom to break from script and adjust your lesson plan when something grabs your attention? 

  • Do you want to pursue reflective exercises that help integrate the information and make it applicable to your life?

  • Do you want a study mentor & coach to support your journey and engage you in focused study-specific conversations?

       Then this program may be for you!



  • No refunds for unused Skype sessions.

  • Your 6 months begins from the date of registration and download of your study kit.


  • Program Skype appts. should be made within 6 months of registration. However, a "Program Pause" can be made  for 4 weeks in the case of illnesses, holidays/vacations, and other extenuating circumstances.

  • Books purchases/loans will be required to complete each study program

  • Suggested podcasts, articles, and videos can be accessed for free.


  • After registration, be sure to go to the "Appointment" page to book your 20 minute welcome Skype!


  • You are able to pre-book any and all of your future Skype calls using the appointment booking system.

Special Launch Price!

Limited Time Only

*Fee is non-refundable.

*Paid in full at booking. 

Still have Questions?

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